Sheila Brown

Sheila finds that acrylics are best suited for her style, which some would describe as a cross over style: expressionism and abstract.

Sheila loves painting freely and spontaneously with patches of colour that have become very characteristic of her work, using the pallet knife. Sheila turns to the brush to tell the story, which often requires a more controlled, disciplined approach to obtain the intimacy with the subject that she tries to express.

Although Sheila enjoys all subject matter she finds that she most often returns to her love of birds, whether it is the wee Tom Tit, Sorrowful Tui or the Gliding Tern, her inspiration is upon her doorstep.

Sheila has a certain sense of surprise at the unexpected energy and eagerness that evolves within her from living by the beach and Estuary in Christchurch.




This artist's work will also be available in the Pop-Up Gallery