Runa and Holly

Based in beautiful Gisborne, New Zealand. Runa Kuru (photographer) originally from Iceland, and Holly Tong (florist) from New Zealand, are the two women behind the self-titled brand.

Runa and Holly’s body of work is inspired largely by the Dutch masters of the 15th and 16th centuries. Their dark and moody painterly feel photographs intend to invite you to look further into their depths and discover more. Florals dancing on the edge of darkness, present but concealed. Their images capture and observe the fleeting beauty of the cut flower. As Frida Kahlo said once “I paint flowers so they will not die” this same idea of preserving a moment of beauty and celebrating natures life cycle is a strong motivation in Runa and Holly’s work.

Runa’s experience as a portrait photographer is hugely influential in how they approach their photo shoots. Capturing movement, natural character and imperfections as part of the full narrative. They use natural light and work outside, adding things from the garden as they need.