Patrick Tyman

Living in three different countries has influenced Patrick’s work profoundly and his art has been shaped and developed in directions related to each culture.

These works represent the three cultural periods of the artist’s career – India (1965 – 80), England (1980 -95), and New Zealand (1996 – present).

The work brings together several disciplines in art making, and has strong cross cultural links. It excites, challenges and extends cultural experiences, and which connects with our people, place and identity.

Patrick lives in Napier and is Head of Art at Iona College, Havelock North. He emigrated to New Zealand from England in 1996, and enjoyed a period of childhood in tropical India. A painter, print-maker and lecturer in Art History, Patrick has exhibited widely over the past years.

Screen printing is a highly crafted printing technique where the intricate colour combinations of each image have been carefully planned and painstakingly created. Patrick chooses to hand paint his stencils using a water resist block. Each artwork requires a high degree of patience, foresight and precision.