Nicola Smith

The process of creating inspires Nicola. She gets satisfaction from making and using her hands.

Nicola is a past Napier Girls’ High School Art, Design and Photography teacher. Going to Art School and Teaching Visual Arts has allowed her to explore a range of media. Nicola’s favourites being traditional darkroom photographic techniques, acrylic painting, ceramics, graphic design, photography, print-making and Oamaru stone sculpture. Nicola feels most confident as a Graphic Designer, but doesn’t position her Design in a fine art context.

Nicola doesn’t limit herself to any specific medium, visual arts genre or context. Visually she is attracted to Typography, Graphic Design, New Zealand Nature, patterns, Comics from the 1960s, Contrast, Monochromatic, and limited colour palettes. Conceptually the ideas of recycling, endangered birds, appropriation, death, place, and her own and others narrative in the world holds Nicola’s interest when she is working in a fine art context.