Nancy Tschetner

Over the last 17 years Nancy has developed an eccentric style & presentation of art. She paints with natural adhesive and uses over 30 different shades and structures of pure and natural sand.

Gradually, each grain becomes part of a larger image represented in Nancy’s pictures. Just like us, when we come together and stand together, we are stronger and can achieve great things.

Nancy loves creating nature with nature. She likes to remind humanity about the importance of our relationship to Mother Nature.

With the colour variations of the sand, Nancy can capture the distinctive attributes of that special being and the fleeting magic of a place or memory. The sparkly texture of the sand brings any subject to life and helps her create the illusion of different natural textures and materials. In some of Nancy’s work she uses mixed media to incorporate colours not available from sand alone.



This artist's work will also be available in the Pop-Up Gallery