Nancy Tschetner

“Nature and art, are my stimulus and motivation for what I create and who I am today. Experimenting the outdoors give me great inspiration.”

Over the last 18 years, Nancy has developed an eccentric style & presentation of art. The majority of her work is created solely with the pure and natural shades of New Zealand sand. Nancy paints with adhesive and uses over 60 different shades and structures of sand. Gradually, each grain becomes part of a larger image represented in her artwork. Just like us, when we come together, the strength we can achieve and visions that can be created.

Nancy constantly pushes boundaries to create the perfect illusion of natural materials and their 3 dimensional depth and textures. With the colour variations of the sand, Nancy Tschetner captures the distinctive attributes of that special being and the fleeting magic of a place or memory. The sparkly texture of the sand brings any subject to life.