Kirsty Fyfe

Kirsty works from her home studio in Wellington. Her passion is intaglio etching in all its forms: drypoint, aquatint, mezzotint and solarplate. Kirsty is fortunate to have a big and beautiful 22-year-old printing press, which she loves to bits.

To Kirsty, printmaking is a fascinating alchemical process that is a combination of creativity, chemistry and continual experimentation. The element of surprise when she lifts an etching after it’s been through the press never gets old.

Kirsty’s current subject obsession are trees and plants and she has been getting inspiration through her favourite bushwalks. Kirsty’s current choice of printmaking is solarplating, using plates she imports from the USA. She has been experimenting with printing her solarplates on beautiful handmade paper such as harakeke paper, which is the perfect medium for our flora.

Kirtsty’s work is held in private art collections here and overseas and exhibited at ARTel gallery in Otaki.



This artist's work will also be available in the Pop-Up Gallery