Kirsty Black

Kirsty aims to create joyful works that engage the viewer, leading them on a journey of individual interpretation.

Kirsty Black loves to unleash colour, shape, line, and form to create refreshing, expressive abstract artworks. The first step in starting a new work is intuitive. The freedom of the initial gestural sweep of colour, and vigorous brush work provides the framework. Shapes and movement reveal themselves, transporting Kirsty into a colourful world of invented narrative. In much the same way cloud gazing prompts a story or daydreaming allows the mind to meander, the development of the artwork in front of Kirsty sparks her imagination and a story unfolds.

For Kirsty storytelling is a family tradition; it brings you together, creates a sense of belonging and is often entertaining. Kirsty sees painting as an extension of this tradition, a medium where imagination has free rein, where the work prompts the viewer to continue the story or come up with their own.