Kim Lines

Kim Lines was born in Napier, Hawke’s Bay and has spent most of her life in this area. Kim has always been creative, even as a small child.

Kim’s grandmother allowed her to create her first oil painting and she has continued this passion but in her chosen medium of acrylic. Kim would best describe her style as contemporary realism, where she creates an illusion that is not always perfect.

Kim Lines chooses to paint scenes that capture what she terms ‘nostalgic New Zealand’. Kim paints from childhood memories and her ‘happy place’, the beach. She likes to capture in acrylic the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Kim likes to work from photographs as the light and mood changes so quickly. She works with rich, vibrant colours that give her work a sense of fun and gaiety. Whatever Kim paints she wants to convey a celebration of being alive, being able to see, feel and enjoy.