Jane Blackmore

Jane’s work is primarily inspired by the stunning and singular vistas of the Wellington hills and harbour.

In an age where speed and instant gratification seem to permeate every corner of our lives, Jane’s paintings offer a space for thoughtful reflection.

When we look at her landscapes and seascapes, we sense that we ourselves have inhabited these places, perhaps as children, perhaps in memory, or perhaps in a dream.

Flowers push forward from dark backgrounds, defiantly sensuous and celebrating the natural cycles of birth, growth and decay. Jane’s floral works make you feel the same joy she felt when she painted them: right now, here, look.

“The paintings, whether they are the flowers, abstractions or landscapes are predominantly about stopping and just being in the moment.”

Jane Blackmore is the owner of Jane Blackmore Gallery / Studio in Lyall Bay, Wellington.


Email: janeblackmoreart@gmail.com