Glen Colechin

“Art is everywhere,” Glen explains. “You need that creative eye to see it. That’s what makes me a good engineer.”

Being an innovative craftsman fits comfortably with Glen Colechin’s engineering background. With a past career in product design and production engineering, he has a sound foundation with the skills to drive his creative core.

Glen has recently transitioned to Full-time Artist and focuses his creative energy on fulfilling his passion and delivering his beautifully crafted sculptures to clambering customers, Glen recently uploaded photographs of a couple of pieces on social media and was inundated by nearly a thousand enquires from as far afield as Dubai, New York, and throughout New Zealand.

Glen is passionate about New Zealand flora and fauna and respectful of its place in the ecosystem. Glen enjoys creating sea and river themed artwork made from native timber and copper.

This artist's work will also be available in the Pop-Up Gallery