Anita Madhav

Anita is a self-taught artist and has been creating art for all of her life. Anita’s creative flair reflects her personal style and has varied over the years as her vision has developed. Anita works as a full-time artist from her Home Studio and has been painting for over 20 years.

Anita has a mix of media preferences and enjoys experimenting with different techniques and styles to discover new ways of expressing her ideas in art form.

Anita’s inspiration started with New Zealand seascapes, vibrant colours and her interpretation of New Zealand culture. Over the years, florals along with native and common birds have become highlights of her work.

When an idea comes to mind Anita is dedicated to bringing it to life on canvas. Viewers and art lovers appreciate the ideas and messages of harmony in her work by the bright palette of colour and playful movement. A piece of art is something that you are naturally drawn to and it gives Anita immense pleasure and heart felt satisfaction knowing that a piece of her art can bring enjoyment to the life of others!