Kylie Law

Wellingtonian, Kylie Law, creates her unique mixed media artwork from her hilltop home.

After completing her Arts degree from Victoria University, Kylie spent 25 years focusing on a career in marketing and communications. During this time she also raised her family and continued painting whenever she could grab an hour or two – often painting late into the night to keep her dream of being an artist alive.

The tail end of 2017 signalled a change for Kylie and she turned away from corporate life and re-focused her efforts into renewing her love of painting and creating. Her hilltop home, which is often windswept but drenched in sunshine, is the perfect place to create her work. She wonders why she neglected this beautiful environment for working in corporate Wellington city for so long.

Her colour palette is delicate and she combines paint with inks and dyes and beautiful fabrics to create her personal mixed media style. Kylie talks of the satisfaction she gets from painting and adds she also enjoys creating across a number of platforms, including crafts, cooking and writing.