Justin Kite

Justin Kite’s current work practice is centred on presenting iconography that holds a
certain feeling or visual presence.

Images could be figurative, or more abstract, or stylised such as the use of the female, Moko Kauae or Female Maori chin tattoo which Justin sees as a connection to his whanau, strength, beauty and a distinctive Aotearoa symbol.

Justin enjoys using plywood as a base and then experimenting with additional media such as metals treated in different ways and also working with different formats such as fan shapes, diamonds and circles. Using the reflective qualities in the gold and metals, Justin aims to add a heightened hierarchy to the subject matter while also attempting to add a sense of spiritual or transcendence quality to the artwork. Justin wants to create art that people want to have on their walls and to become part of them.

Justin studied at EIT gaining a Bachelor of Visual Art and Design. He has taught Art History, Art and Design for over ten years in New Zealand and Shanghai, China.  Justin has exhibited in group and solo shows.  He has also been a finalist in numerous invitational exhibitions including The Hawke’s Bay Review, The New Zealand Art
Show- Selectors Choice and recently ‘E.A.S.T.’ a biannual showcase of Contemporary New Zealand Art at the Hastings City Art Gallery. Commissioned to design, manufacture and install a public sculpture at Te Pania Hotel, Scenic Circle, and contracted to design and supply TVNZ with Film Maker Awards.

This artist's work will also be available in the Pop-Up Gallery